Someday A Dream Will Become True

School final exams almost come, While wearing a gray and white will also be coming to an end. Everything has been finished. A wonderful story about a specialy friend in my senior high school, but not for myself. Because this is a beginning for me embark on the adventure of my life.

First I sat in class XII, As usual everything becomes heavy. Although already two times I faced a test like this, but it still feels heavy. Perhaps this is the culmination of the previous one. I had to learn everything again from scratch to face battles that drain a lot of energy is also mind. Not to mention the many choices that await after the test. Hahhhhhhhh, it wants to stop, but this is life. Would be meaningless without an exam. The struggle for the cause started I did, every morning walked to school to school in the afternoon, only fatigue that accompany me nervous too. Even to eat and sleep was not restful. Feelings of fear a failure haunt myself. Only the silent night that could soothe my soul, when I was facing the supreme everything. And it is true, we have nothing to fear if we keep closer to the gods on the sidelines of our busy with examinations. The sidelines of my busy life, I also have to think about my future.

My goal if the test is successful, and must be managed. Just need to believe in yourself and also do not forget to draw closer to Allah SWT. Ranging from educational establishments, employment came over. As I began to believe in one goal, another goal came. I almost despair, or may have given up when he did not support the goals. I immediately collapsed, lost all the passion that I’ve collected over the years. My intent is simple, I just want to go to university and work simultaneously. Achieving my dream to become a math teacher, and certainly without burdening parents.

At least that’s what I wanted since childhood. But the father is too cruel , ” What for you are go to university,? It Just spending money alone. Better to work immediately. “Said my father.

At that time I was very disappointed, no longer eager to pass on everything. I tottering aimlessly. In fact I almost forgot my dreams. I do not know what to do, and when I find it all just a dream of my mother and brother come. They are always there when I needed it. While all trying to drop me, then they will come to lift myself. My dream for them is a joy to be realized. Albeit with difficulty, but they keep trying. Slowly I got back, I realized I should not be easily discouraged. All of it was also a test. Similarly, school exams I would do it later. Not only sister and mother were fighting. I too struggled. The sidelines of the time while learning I help the mother make woven from bamboo. Understandably I am not a child born in the midst of a rich family.

Sometimes I feel sad at the thought of all that, to continue the school does I must go to work to help their parents.” I also want to be like my friends were all just stay request. ” Those words are always crossed my mind. It made me a quitter, I had to struggle with fatigue, drowsiness up was not surprising that I often fall asleep during the lesson. But I remember, I was not alone. Sister and my mother also fought, they continued to lift me when I fell. When I was in the darkness they who enlightens me. They are ready to risk everything for myself, just for my dreams. Because they believe I can. That’s what makes me able to survive up here.


Seconds before the exam,
I do not know why the heart is beating faster than ever. I think I want to scream, but I could not. Cold sweat also out of my body. I drop out, barely capable of working on these issues. But the family also strengthened me my dream. I continue to pray while working on these issues. Hoping not collapsed while working on these matters until the last day. Three days passed. Haahhhhhhhhhhh, is a relief.

Eitss, wait a minute! There is still tension which is ten times larger than this. Day after day I waited. Finally the big day arrived. I tried to calm myself, but I could not. My heart thundered, “ heart was going off !! ” Cried my heart.

“What is wrong with you,? Better go to the mosque.., lets.. ”. Someone has extended his hand to me. I smiled and welcomed the helping hand. And indeed, as I stood at the front door of my feeling of coolness. The hurricane that hit my heart began to drown. Now my heart feel cool, like the morning dew wet my heart. I kept praying, I want the best for me, my family, my best friend everything. I wanted to spill my guts, but I still have not been able to. Only a few are out, slightly makes me feel comfortable.

“Thia …. Muthia … .where are you?”A cry of waking thoughts. I immediately stood up and came out of the mosque, although not down. But I can still see clearly who is calling. I just stay quiet. Waiting for word from the lips of my friend. “You PASS …” the cried and I immediately sat down and thanking God. I cried as I could. A warm hug to greet me from behind, he was my best friend who had been invisible to me.

We fell together, hugs for the sake of our welcome. I embrace all my ashes gray-white friends. All the friends who I have not met. But more to the point my friends who have seen but I have met him in my heart. My feelings blend together into one best friend. I am happy. Most of my dreams come true, I graduated with a satisfactory value.

Finally, not long after I reach my dreams were partly. I can continue my study at the university and of course my dream, too. So also with all the friends of my white and gray. They get what they envision, and they stand for.

And …………. once again I am very happy.

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